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Literacy Wall in PE


Literacy wall PE Literacy wall PE 2

Literacy wall with key words. Nice idea to remind students of success criteria or support them with their learning. This will make the learning¬†memorable and fun and lead to more ‘stickiness’ in terms of long term recall.

Can you adapt this in your classroom or department area?


T&L Hubs 2012-13


There has been some excellent work done within the Hubs again this year. We have looked at Group Work / Classroom Talk, the new Ofsted criteria for T&L, Learning Objectives and we have reflected on our own practice, explored new ways of doing things, swapped and shared ideas.

New foci for 2013-14!

As we have gained a bit of time now that exam classes have left, it’d be great to find opportunities to plan for group work during lessons and to use the resources given at the last meeting to refine our learning objectives.

Teaching and Learning Hub Meeting 1 Teaching and Learning Hub Meeting 3


Welcome to THW T&L blog


Dear THW colleagues,

Today sees the launch of our own T&L blog! I am still familiarising myself with all the blogging jargon but (hopefully) over the next couple of weeks this blog will develop into a platform to share ideas and good practice as part of our continuing drive to further improve teaching and learning in the school. If you have any tips/resources you would like to share, please email them to me.