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THW TeachMeet – CPD


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Last week during our last TeachMeet we celebrated all our T&L achievements of the year.

Cathy explained how she’d used the plastic eggs that she won at a previous TeachMeet – “pass the egg” for speaking & listening work in Frencheaster eggs

Sukhi – differentiation work in Textiles Differentation resources

Louise – use of class display to promote independence (what do you need to do to achieve L4, L5, L6? with examples). G&T students are asked to model and lead on the evaluations

Rute – use of writing frames to build up quality writing Little Red Riding Hood


Have a look at the incredible end product!

Sakiko – use of generic starters starters

– RAG marking (teacher annotates work, Red = NO!, Amber = OK but have you thought about…?, Green = Good, Purple = spelling)

RAG marking

Inma talked about how she has used the bell she won at a previous TeachMeet – “ring the bell” whenever spontaneous target language has been used

Claire – takeaway homework (see previous post for explanation)  nandos-takeaway-homework1


Thanks to all the staff who have contributed to and attended our THW TeachMeet CPDs this year!

t&L celebration


The Learning Environment – Joint work with the Student Ambassadors


The Learning Environment Focus Group and the Student Ambassadors have worked very hard this term to create a display to celebrate the achievements of year 7 pupils. The “achievement tree” (each leaf is a message from a year 7 student explaining what she is proud of or what she has achieved this year) is proudly exhibited next to our KS4 and KS5 displays. Take time to read some of the comments – they show what a great experience they’ve had this year!

Achievement Tree Achievement Tree1