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A Guide to Working with Education Assistants


How can you make the best use of an Education Assistant?

Education Assistants can undertake a variety of roles in your classroom.  Education Assistants are there to support the learning of the whole class, and will remain with the allocated class during each lesson, unless prior arrangements and / or need dictates additional responsibilities during that lesson.

Education Assistants can assist with:

  • Students of all abilities
  • Preparation of learning materials (e.g. paper, ingredients, DVD,   games,  research…)
  • Reading and explaining tasks (individually or to the class)
  • Helping students organise their work (including recording)
  • Extra help to students in class under your direction (even in a different room, but still under the teacher’s supervision)
  • Taking notes for students and recording homework
  • Acting as a student – teacher link
  • Supporting Educational Visits and practical activities outside the  usual curriculum delivery (with prior notice)
  • Differentiating worksheets
  • Work with small groups or taking a lead on certain elements of the lessons,   i.e. the starter
  • Suggest strategies to help specific students and liaise with teaching staff to improve access and participation
  • Making resources – games and worksheets
  • Supporting the physical and personal needs of students
  • Supporting the preparation towards controlled assessments and coursework
  • Mounting work for wall displays and developing the learning environment
  • Use their strengths to contribute to lessons
  • The Behaviour Management of students in partnership with the   teacher in accordance with the school’s Rewards and Sanctions Policy

It is up to you how best you use an Education Assistant to support students in your lessons.  It is important to remember that the Education Assistant will have experience with the students and their views should be sought when planning and organising lessons and prior to progress reviews.

The best lessons observed were where the teacher and Education Assistant were of equal status in the eyes of the students.

Making time for a joint discussion to ensure that Education Assistants are aware of learning aims and specific outcomes, allows learning to be judged as ‘outstanding’; a partnership ensures best possible opportunities for quality learning for all.


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