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THW TeachMeet – Whole School CPD


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Last week’s CPD was a big success. It was really nice to share good practice in an informal way. We had 10 workshops on offer – see below for further information.


Workshop 2 – Higher Level Thinking Skills Developing higher level thinking skills in pupils CPD

Workshop 3 – AfL & A Level Teaching Teach meet AfL

Workshop 4 – “The Doughnut” doughnut template

Workshop 7 – “Relay Race”   SKMBT_65415031816580_0001

Workshop 8 – Independent Learning INDEPENDENT LEARNING whole school cpd

Workshop 9 – Gimmicky Revision Ideas SKMBT_65415031816580_0002 SKMBT_65415031816581_0001

Workshop 10 – “Take Away” Homework nandos-takeaway-homework1

Many thanks to the staff who delivered a workshop.


T&L Hubs 2013-2014 – Effective Feedback



Our last T&L Hub session was dedicated to effective feedback. As a school we started on this journey a few years ago when we updated our marking policy following on from the findings of the Effective Marking Focus Group and, after a couple of years embedding our “2 stars and a wish” initiative, we are now embarking on the next phase : refining our feedback to ensure high impact.

Effective feedback