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Effective Groupwork Seminar with years 7 & 8


All year 7 pupils attended a workshop in the theatre during their pastoral lesson on Tuesday 7th May 2013 to explore what made group work successful. Pupils got the chance to discuss the relationship between group work and learning and to put it into practice through various activities and debates. The session gave them an awareness of the sort of behaviour they needed to adopt and the language they could use to get the most out of working in a group. This was then followed up by tutors in registration and tutorials.

Rules for Great Groupwork

T&L Seminar yr7

design a mammal task

issues to debate

As year 8 pupils attended the same seminar last year, tutors nominated 2 reps from each form to attend a refresher session. The 14 students were then given the responsibility to go back and feedback to their peers, but actually the girls suggested that delivering a tutorial themselves on effective group work would have more impact, and so they did! They came up with amazing and creative ideas such as an Apprentice-type task, quizzes, debates and much more. The girls did all the work themselves – from planning to teaching! The outcome was fabulous, they really rose to the challenge. Well-done to them all!

Effective Group Work photo