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Lesson Observation for Real @ THW


On Tuesday 11th March 2013, we hosted our very own THW Lesson Observation for Real to introduce the new Ofsted Framework. The CPD consisted of a lesson taught “live” in front of the whole staff and a debrief where the quality of the learning was discussed.

Key questions to bear in mind with the New Ofsted Framework:
• What are students learning as opposed to doing?
• Are they learning something new and acquiring knowledge?
• Can all students make links between previous and new learning?
• Can the students talk about what they are learning or simply describe what they are doing?
• Do they produce work of a consistently good standard?
• Are they working independently? Are they self-reliant?
• How well do they work collaboratively?
• Do they show initiative?
• AFL is a crucial ingredient in a perfect Ofsted lesson.
• Pay particular attention to your groups (SEN, EAL, Pupil Premium)
• An ‘outstanding lesson isn’t what the teacher does but what the learner learns.
• You need to be able to demonstrate ‘exceptional progress’ in your lesson

Top Tips for the “Outstanding” Ofsted lesson (taken from Jackie Beere’s The Perfect Ofsted Lesson):
• an exciting introduction which focuses attention and excites pupils and sets the scene
• progression from one body of knowledge to the next step building on prior learning
• clear expectations based on challenge for every pupil
• knowing every pupil as an individual
• relationships based on mutual respect
• teaching methods matched to the content and pupils
• buzz factor – which enthuse and surprise pupils and create interest
• pace – teaching styles that move the lesson along maintaining interest
• dialogue – discussion and questioning to ensure everyone is involved and understands
• great ending – which helps pupils to reflect on what was learned, celebrates achievement and identifies the next steps.
• generally, less is more!

“The lesson observation was very productive. The feedback was very good with the new way of annotating if the activity was T (teacher led), S (student led) and also the impact the activities had in the learning”.

“Very inspiring. What struck me was the fast pace of the activity as well as the challenge for the relative range of ability”.

“This was a wonderful, energetic lesson, excellently planned to meet the needs of all the students within the group, using a range of activities and techniques to promote independent reflection and move learning on apace. Of particular note were the high expectations of the teacher and the students’ confidence to make mistakes and offer high quality feedback whilst working together.”

“Extremely interesting and useful CPD experience particularly as I work in the same subject area as the lesson observed.
Great ideas about what a good lesson should contain and about how to see overtly what constitutes as “progress”
I particularly enjoyed the follow up smaller group CPD session where we discussed the findings and debated even more about how to demonstrate progress, impact, journey travelled etc”.

“Great to see how we can apply the new OFSTED criteria to our lessons. Very useful to see it in practice rather than being lectured to or reading from a sheet.”